Syllepse was born out of the passion of its founder, attentive to your needs and inspired by professional and committed encounters.

The Founder

Isabelle Dupont Syllepse is a French innovation created by Audrey in January 2014. As a professional cosmetologist, Audrey developed the Syllepse concept after studying the specific needs of various skin tones and types. In collaboration with an eco-laboratory, she created the first Bio “skin tone cosmetics,” designed to make every skin tone more even and radiant.

Certified Laboratory

Eco-Friendly Laboratory In partnership with an eco-laboratory located in France, Audrey envisioned a range that:

  • Adds a boost of radiance and luminosity to every skin tone
  • Balances the skin without causing irritation
  • Develops cosmetics that respect the skin’s biochemistry and the environment

A Organic Brand

Natural Cosmetics None of Syllepse’s cosmetics are tested on animals. The formulas do not contain synthetic preservatives, mineral oil, or silicone. They meet the strict standards of Ecocert and are certified organic.

Discover Our Products

Syllepse offers a wide range of organic and eco-friendly cosmetics, crafted to enhance the natural beauty of your skin while respecting the environment. Each product is meticulously developed to ensure the highest quality and effectiveness, providing you with a luxurious and guilt-free beauty experience.

Experience the Syllepse difference today and let your natural beauty shine through!