Become a beauty ambassador and represent our Syllepse products in your city. Receive 25% commission on your sales and enjoy numerous benefits!

I Want to Become a Beauty Ambassador

Become a Beauty Consultant

Your Benefits

  • How much can I earn?
  • The different steps
  • Status of self-employed or independent seller

To become a beauty ambassador at Syllepse, you do not need a specific diploma. You must obtain the status of a self-employed individual or an independent seller.

Syllepse offers you training on the brand universe and cosmetic products. You will be trained in the brand’s codes to adopt an effective sales pitch that allows you to generate income.

You can become a beauty ambassador to earn additional income, or full-time depending on your goals. You choose your working hours.

The Status of an Independent Seller

Your Benefits
  • Have beautiful skin
  • You start your beauty ambassador activity without investment thanks to a complimentary commercial kit including Syllepse cosmetics and their miniatures.
  • You earn 25% commission on sales made. At the end of each month, we transfer your commissions based on your turnover. Depending on the number of “beauty parties” you organize, beauty events you participate in, and the sales you make on our website (thanks to a code assigned to you), you can easily earn additional income.
  • Based on your turnover, you receive complimentary Syllepse cosmetic products.
  • You manage your working time as you wish. This activity is compatible with your family life and/or your job.
  • We keep you informed of events where the Syllepse brand will be present in your city. Thus, if you wish to sell on-site, you will have priority at the event.

I Want to Become a Beauty Ambassador

How Much Can I Earn?

The average purchase basket per person is approximately 40 euros. By selling to 10 people, you can earn an average of 100 euros (25% of 400 euros turnover).

For additional income, we recommend making about 40 sales per month.

Full-time, depending on your financial goals, we recommend a minimum of 120 sales per month.

I Want to Become a Beauty Ambassador

First, you need to fill out the registration form.

We will contact you by phone within 48 hours after your registration to have an interview with you. If the phone interview is successful, we will send you your contract at the end of the interview.

Following this, you will receive all the training materials, and we will schedule a half-day training session via video conference.

Then, you will receive your starter commercial kit. You can then start making your sales.